I Am Back at Home Now

I was about to go stir crazy at the hospital and those people seemed as though they did not think it was safe for me to put my feet upon the ground at first. They had this alarm that went off when I would try to go to the bathroom without ringing the bell for the nurse. Of course I would get really ill about this. At any rate I have to go see a San Francisco chiropractors tomorrow and then I am going to be taking physical therapy for a couple of weeks, but it looks as though I have very little left to do with the doctors themselves. They told me to come back next month, and they told me that if I did what I was supposed to do then I would not need a cane or any other help walking by that point in time. Read more “I Am Back at Home Now”

I Shall Be Back to Work Soon

Just like the title says I shall be back to work soon if all goes the way that it is planned. We are done with the Cumming Chiropractor I think, at least I can walk around without pain and when I wake up in the morning the stiffness that I had is not bothering me any more. I still sort of need a cane to walk around, but I think that the leg is going to be back to normal soon enough. At first it was not working at all, I could not hardly stand to look down right after the car wreck. It looked as though I was going to lose my left leg at first, or at least that was what I thought from looking at it. I could not bear to think of that, no one wants to become a cripple. Of course it apparently was not so bad as I had thought, although I did have issues. They had to work on it four times in total. Read more “I Shall Be Back to Work Soon”

Melt the Stress Away with Massage Therapy

I found a Concord chiropractor who does massage therapy after my regular masseuse decided to move to another part of the country. Getting massages is basically a life saver for me. I first started getting them about ten years ago after suffering from various ailments related to crushing stress. I’m a teacher at a school filled with problem students, and every day was like taking part of a war zone. My stress got so bad I almost quit my job numerous times. Then I got into massage therapy and it made work much more manageable.

I didn’t know what I was going to do when my masseuse quit. Read more “Melt the Stress Away with Massage Therapy”