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Lokoid is an active non-halogenated synthetic glucocorticoid drugs for external use. It provides fast occurring anti-inflammatory, anti, antipruritic effect. Its effectiveness is comparable with halogenated steroids.
The use Lokoid in recommended doses does not cause suppression of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal system. Although the use of high doses for long periods, especially when using occlusive dressings may lead to an increase in cortisol in the blood plasma, it is never accompanied by a decrease in reactivity of the pituitary-adrenal system, and removal of the drug leads to rapid normalization of cortisol production.

After application of the accumulation of active substance in the epidermis, mainly in the granular layer. Metabolism hydrocortisone 17-butyrate, absorbed through the skin, is metabolized to anavar only cycle hydrocortisone and other metabolites directly in the epidermis and subsequently in the liver. Excretion Metabolite and a small portion of unchanged hydrocortisone 17 butyrate are excreted in urine or faeces.


Surface, uninfected, sensitive to local glucocorticoids skin diseases:


  • eczema;
  • dermatitis;
  • psoriasis.



  • rosacea, localized on the face;
  • acne vulgaris;
  • dermatitis, localized in the mouth;
  • perianal, genital itching;
  • dermatitis complicated by bacterial (e.g. impetigo), anavar only cycle¬†viral (e.g., Herpes simplex), fungal (e.g., Candida or a dermatophyte) infections;
  • Hypersensitivity to the drug.

Pregnancy and lactation

Corticosteroids cross the placenta. Effects on the fetus can be especially pronounced when applied over large surface preparation. No data on the number of hydrocortisone, is excreted in breast milk;recommended to be particularly careful in the appointment during lactation.

Dosing and Administration

Small quantities of the drug applied to the affected skin 1-3 times a day. When the positive dynamics of drug use from 1 to 3 times a week. To improve the penetration of the drug applied massage. In case of resistance the disease, such as the localization of dense psoriasis plaques on ulnar areas, knees, the drug should be used under occlusive dressings. The dose of the drug used during the week should not exceed 30-60 g

Side effect

Local reactions:. Rare – skin irritation
. Prolonged use and / or applied to large surfaces are possible systemic side effects characteristic of glucocorticosteroids
. The risk of side effects with Lokoid lower than when using halogenated steroids
risk of local and systemic side effects increases with long-term use of the drug to large areas of damaged skin, with the use of occlusive dressings.

Application in childhood

Use in children from 6 months of age. In the case of the drug in children in the area of the face or under occlusive dressings duration of treatment should be reduced.
In childhood, suppression of anavar only cycle adrenocortical function may develop more quickly.
In addition, there may be a reduction in excretion of growth hormone. In applying the drug for a long time is required to observe the body weight, height, level of plasma cortisol. In controlled studies in children who received weekly 30-60 g Lokoid or 1% hydrocortisone ointment, it found no violations of the functions of the adrenal cortex. buy legal anabolic steroids online

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