Melt the Stress Away with Massage Therapy

I found a Concord chiropractor who does massage therapy after my regular masseuse decided to move to another part of the country. Getting massages is basically a life saver for me. I first started getting them about ten years ago after suffering from various ailments related to crushing stress. I’m a teacher at a school filled with problem students, and every day was like taking part of a war zone. My stress got so bad I almost quit my job numerous times. Then I got into massage therapy and it made work much more manageable.

I didn’t know what I was going to do when my masseuse quit. I had horrible visions of my stress levels rising once again and all the headaches, heart palpitations, and general malaise that comes with it. I embarked on a mission to find a good massage therapist in town. I didn’t have to search for long as I quickly located a chiropractor’s clinic that performs Swedish massage therapy. That definitely sounded like something I wanted to check out so I made an appointment. Worst case scenario is that I’d have to travel a town over to visit someone else. I wanted this place to do the job, however.

It really worked out well. The friendly staff took the time to learn about my general health and asked about any issues I was having health wise. They actually went through a checklist to make sure I didn’t have any underlying problems that they should know about. As for the massage itself, it couldn’t have went better. I think the therapy here is far superior to my previous masseuse. I felt clearer and sharper than I ever have when I walked out the door. I can’t wait to go back again and again. My health depends upon it.