I Am Back at Home Now

I was about to go stir crazy at the hospital and those people seemed as though they did not think it was safe for me to put my feet upon the ground at first. They had this alarm that went off when I would try to go to the bathroom without ringing the bell for the nurse. Of course I would get really ill about this. At any rate I have to go see a San Francisco chiropractors tomorrow and then I am going to be taking physical therapy for a couple of weeks, but it looks as though I have very little left to do with the doctors themselves. They told me to come back next month, and they told me that if I did what I was supposed to do then I would not need a cane or any other help walking by that point in time. At first I had to use crutches and those nurses at the hospital start taking them away from me for some time. They did not want to be responsible for what might happen while I was wandering around looking for the vending machines.

At any rate I already went into the office. There was some stuff that could not be done without me and so they brought my computer down the stairs and set it up in the lobby. There was some talk about me giving up my password, but the boss made sure that this did not happen. Of course he trusts me and he likes knowing that I am the only one who could do certain things. Obviously that means that I am going to get caught if I did something dishonest and violated his trust. Either way he is not the sort of person who hands his trust out easily.